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Wine & Spirits

While beverage preferences vary, maintaining the perfect scent is critical to creating a memorable experience. What if you had a partner who ensured the essence of your product made it safely to the consumer’s table?

VSL recognises that the storage and transportation processes are inextricably linked to beverage quality. Our experts provide logistics solutions that provide you with the peace of mind you seek—on every shipment.

Our specialised team of industry experts ensures that your shipments are handled correctly and efficiently. The requirements in this area are one-of-a-kind, ranging from maintaining optimal temperature for products to loading a consolidation involving dozens of wineries.

Our key actions to meet our customer's expectations

Our mission is to provide the most dependable, cost-effective, and professional supply chain management solutions in the industry. Our knowledgeable and experienced team strives to consistently improve your organization’s service levels by creating efficiencies, identifying gaps, and lowering your bottom line. With our extensive industry experience, we understand that the key to success in today’s competitive market is developing and implementing custom tailored solutions that are specific to our clients’ strategic goals.