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On Board Courier Service for
Time-critical Shipments

We provide global coverage and irrespective of where your cargo needs to land or where it needs to be paid. We have an international network of offices which are capable of providing our customers with the local knowledge on a global scale and we have a long-term operator relationship network.

We have access to more than 25000 aircraft and due to the same reason, we can offer you a number of aircraft options to choose from and decide the right aircraft for all your On Boarding requirements.

With such a huge number of aircrafts networks, we can very easily and quickly locate the nearest aircraft available and arrange for the delivery within even one hour of confirmation.

We are equipped with aircraft for all your On-Boarding needs including medical, automotive, AOG, outsized cargo, project cargo, military cargo. We also offer cargo services for time-critical cargo, oil and gas cargo, medical evacuation, aerospace cargo, dangerous goods, pharmaceuticals, cold chain, high-value, and aid relief cargo.

We have access to under service locations as well and a number of airports that allow us to ship your cargo to arrive closer to its final destination.

Our On Boarding experts are highly experienced and have undergone intensive training and they understand exactly what it takes to manage a flight from scratch. 

So book your On Boarding plans with us today!

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Benefits of On Board Courier Services​

Frequently Asked Questions

An OBC service is a premium courier service where a dedicated courier accompanies your shipment on a commercial flight. This ensures that your shipment is hand-carried and delivered personally, providing maximum security and speed.

Any type of shipment can be sent via our OBC service, as long as it can be transported in a carry-on luggage or a small package. Common shipments that are sent via OBC include important documents, medical supplies, high-value products, and time-sensitive goods.

The OBC service is one of the fastest courier services available, as the courier will accompany the shipment on the next available flight. This means that delivery times can vary based on flight schedules and availability, but we always aim to provide the fastest possible service.

Our OBC service is highly secure, as the courier personally accompanies the shipment from origin to destination, ensuring maximum protection against loss or theft. We also offer additional security measures such as tamper-evident seals and GPS tracking to further enhance security.

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