What should you choose? Sea freight or Air freight?

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How does anyone decide which one is best, Sea Freight or Air Freight for a particular shipment? For the clients who ship cargo overseas, the choice of whether to choose Sea freight or air freight will depend on a few factors, Which is given below:


Type of Cargo


Cost Consideration


Safety of Cargo

Below we are explaining how both are different and Why:

1: Air Freight is mostly preferred only city to city transportation and most direct routes of countries.

It has become the preferred mode of transport, especially with retail goods which need to reach the destination quickly. This is used for quick delivery, and air freight dramatically reduces the distance between two countries or two points.

1.Sea Freight: Sea Freight is proffering long-distance shipment from one country to another country.

This is probably where sea freight has an absolute advantage over air freight as you can carry any goods in containers like you can deliver oil products through the Sea Freight Shipping.

2: Air freight is mainly used to transport unitized various types of cargoes. There are, of course, exceptions where entire flights are chartered to carry the load for a single project only. For extreme projects, shippers can use the Antonov An-225 Mriya, the largest aeroplane globally and can deliver your vast products. The size of this Airplane is 275 feet in length with a 290-foot wingspan and a maximum takeoff weight of 640 tons. It can carry up to 250 tons of cargo with the help of this Airplane we can deliver 250 tones goods from one point to another.

2.Sea Freight: Apart from the traditional parcel or box freight, sea freight is also used to transport heavy equipment, Heavy containers, cranes, project cargoes etc.

OOCL Hong Kong is the largest container ship all over the world yet built, and it has a capacity of 21,413 TEUs, by which we can deliver heavy equipment efficiently and safely.

3: Air Freight: This mode is chosen primarily due to its quick transit time. It takes less time than sea freight, and its usually reliable scheduled arrival and departure times for delivering goods from one point to another.

3.Sea Freight: Not all cargo takes a long time, and some are time-sensitive and need to reach the customer tomorrow.

4: An air freight Shipment is considerably more expensive than sea freight cargo. This is mainly due to the capacity available on a plane and depends on your product weight, higher fuel consumption, plan operational costs, etc.

4.Sea Freight: Due to the volume of Sea Shipment, compared to an aircraft, the freight cost by sea freight is much cheaper than air freight shipment.

5: Air Freight: Minimal handling means minimal risk of damaged cargo. It is a safe shipment process and a higher chance of reaching its destination safely, so it is a very safe and secure way of shipment.

5.Sea Freight: While freight containers are a safe way of transporting goods and equipment from one point to another point, if the cargo inside the container is not packed correctly, there is a strong possibility of damage your interests which may even result in or be the cause of catastrophic injuries including ships catching on fire, sinking or piracy it is less safe than Air Freight.

6. Air Freight: Compared to the volume, it is taking less importance than the Sea freight, and it can be handled quickly.

6.Sea Freight: Due to the sheer volume of containers shipped in and out, there are problems of additional costs like detention.

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