How to ship a Fragile Package Delivery:

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We have discussed seven different tips to ensure a safe Fragile Delivery:

Have you ever shipped a fragile package to a customer only to find out it broken during your delivery?

Many more business owners find themselves in this scenario and often wonder what they could have done differently from others. Thankfully, VSL World Logistics-Courier is here to ease your worries, ensuring you pack and ship fragile products the right way with our expertise. Here are seven packaging techniques to safeguard your delicate shipments from harmful external forces.

1. Select the Right Box: When you deliver a fragile product, your first step should be to choose the correct box for packing. First of all, you need to take correct measurements of your product and select a package according to the size. The parcel must provide some extra space, not only a few inches around the items, to ensure its safety.

2. Wrap Fragile Items: Now you have your correct box, you need to wrap the product properly and add a layer of bubble wrap. You can choose honeycomb wrapping and pack. You need to check whether your product is adequately packed and must wrap all parts of item and secure that with the help of packing tape.

3: Cushion & Pad the Package: Once your products have been appropriately wrapped, you need to the fill extra space in the boxes with the cushion & Padding materials such as packing peanuts. Place the product inside the box and add more cushioning to avoid any damages.

4: Seal the Package: Before proceeding with the box for delivery, you need to seal that with pressure-sensitive Kraft tape.  Avoid rough sealing and use only tape to wrap your items.

5: Label as Fragile: “Fragile Items” or “Handle with Care should be mentioned clearly on top of the box.” This will be helpful for shipping companies and customers to take extra precautions and safety at the time of delivery.

6: Add an Address: Place a perfect delivery label inside the box and on its largest exterior surface. The title should be mentioned the customer’s complete address and returns address. Avoid placing delivery information on the sides of the package.

7: Ship with VSL World Logistics: This is the final step to ship your Fragile Items with VSL, where the team has the expertise for fast and reliable delivery services. We are providing delivery services all over the world, and we have only one point of contact.


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