Everything You Need to Know About Groupage Transport

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Groupage transport, as the name suggests, is a popular method of transporting goods from different categories and supplies, packed in one trailer load for smooth and efficient transport. A number of consignments that are from different providers but are supposed to be supplied to the same destination are grouped together.

The biggest advantage of these types of transportation services is that the user pays for only the space consumed by the items they load into the trailer, and not the entire trailer. This could be a really cost-effective way to transport goods to different destinations.

When Should You Consider Groupage Transport Service?

Groupage transport service makes sense when you have items weighing more than 2 tonnes to be dispatched. Put it this way, any small to medium size business that needs to transport small shipments can benefit from the groupage transport service.

The good news is that groupage transport is available in nearly all corners of the world, providing businesses and individuals the convenience of transporting their goods to just about any part of the world without breaking the bank. Since you pay for only the area occupied by your goods, it is a much cheaper and more convenient way to transport goods to a new destination.

How Long Does the Delivery Take?

Like any other delivery method, the delivery length for groupage delivery could vary depending on the transportation method you choose and other factors that might affect the delivery time. On average, it takes 3 days for any delivery to arrive at the target destination.

The length could be more if the goods are to be shipped internationally. However, some companies offer same-day groupage delivery services. You will get the items delivered the same day you placed the order. Now, it goes without saying these services will cost extra.

How does Groupage Delivery Work?

As mentioned earlier, groupage delivery is all about goods from different suppliers (with the same destination address) loaded in one container. This is one of the most cost-effective ways of transporting your goods to the target destination. Basically, the cargo is collected and stored in the warehouse. The logistics service providers consolidate the cargo and put shipments from different suppliers in one box. All these items are transported at once to a general warehouse. From there, the cargo is loaded into different containers (depending on their exact delivery address) and delivered to the ultimate destination. The final stage takes no longer than 24 hours, but it might take longer in some cases.

How soon you receive your parcels from the groupage transport method depends totally on the supplier, type of cargo, where it is shipped from, and the market factors. Emergency delivery services are available for those who need the shipment to be transported within a few hours. However, groupage transport doesn’t accept cargo that occupies a considerable amount of space in the trailer. So, it is important to understand your requirements and choose a groupage service accordingly.

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