China to Europe Transport through Rail Services via Silk Road

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Our rail service is the most affordable and efficient way to transport your goods to China, Europe, and the UK within your desired timeframe. We understand that freight by sea is way too slow for any business or individual wanting to transport their goods within 1-2 days of order placement. Air is pretty fast, but it can be incredibly expensive.

That’s why we have come up with the rail services, featuring our dedicated team of professionals who specialize in all types of delivery-related tasks—from quotation to delivery. The service includes FCL and groupage delivery and the items are shipped to the strategically located warehouses in the UK. From there, the goods are transported to the final destination.

Transit Time

Rail service saves you significant time in getting your shipment transported to the desired destination. It is 21 days faster than any other transportation service. In fact, we have fixed weekly departures, making it easier for people to schedule their shipment for delivery whenever they want. Nobody wants to wait for days and weeks to have their shipment delivered. In fact, the reason people are willing to pay extra for emergency delivery services is to get the shipment on time.


Not only is the rail service for transportation efficient, but it happens to be the most cost-effective option for businesses and individuals looking to transport a large volume of goods. One of the reasons people have been switching to groupage transportation through rail services is that it’s comparatively more cost-effective than other options. In fact, the same goods delivered through the air will cost you six times more. You can save up to 70% of the price if you transport your goods via rail. The best part about rail transportation is that the rates of cargo shipment through this service remain stable no matter the market conditions.

Eco-friendly Service

With more and more people switching to greener and sustainable modes of transportation, it goes without saying that rail again beats air freight in terms of sustainability. The service produces 90% less CO2 than air freight, making it the most eco-friendly choice. Rail offers a greener, more eco-friendly, and better alternative to air freight. Experts believe that a 40ft container transported via rail will produce 96% less CO2 as compared to the same volume of goods transported via air.

Emergency Delivery

You can book an emergency transportation service to get your goods transported to just about any part of the UK within the same day. The same-day delivery services via rail transportation are for people who need their shipment to reach the desired destination as fast as possible. Fortunately, you can book emergency shipment delivery so long as you need the shipment transported within the UK.

Bottom Line

Groupage transportation through rail is your ideal option for getting the goods transported to your desired destination on time and without paying more than you need to. Hire our groupage transport services, tell us your requirements, and we will take care of the transportation part for you.

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