Air Freight Market Continues to See a High Demand


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The air freight market has witnessed an intense demand over the past few months, despite the rising concerns around the COVID pandemic. As the eCommerce market has reported a growth in sales, more and more companies are now looking for cost-effective and reliable air freight services for safe transportation of parcels.

When it comes to the ocean and air freight, there is always a peak and low season. However, for the past 18 months, people in the air and ocean freight industries have reported a never-ending peak. What makes it even more surprising is the fact that the past few months were all about the COVID, unemployment, and many companies shutting down for good. Neel Jones Shah, the head of the air freight services, said that this never-ending peak is expected to continue in 2022 as well.  He also mentioned that despite the peak lasting for 18 months already, it is expected to grow further in the coming months. The air freight services are all set to see an intense demand, which will stay for an extended period. 

What Leads to a Peak in the Air Freight Markets?

According to the professionals at air freight services, the demand for air freight is driven by a few important factors. The higher B2B traffic is one of the common factors. Now, the eCommerce industry is expanding on a global level. More and more startups and SMEs are now taking orders from international clients, which is another reason why they need air freight services to supply their products without any hassle. There is no denying that air freight has become a go-to option for all types and sizes of eCommerce stores, looking for a reliable way to have their products transported.

The demand for air freight is expected to rise by 2.7% in the coming five years. What makes people choose air freight over other international shipment services is the level of safety the former offers. Air freight maintains the highest standards of safety, giving peace of mind to businesses and customers. The products are handled well and transported with great care to the target location. 

Another reason that’s driving growth for eCommerce is the trade getting more and more complex, which leaves people with only one option – to hire air freight services for safe and effective delivery of the shipments.

Increased Complexity of eCommerce Trades

The complexity in trades also result in more places, faster transit, and deliveries at the doorstep. The high demand in air freight is because of the level of agility and flexibility it offers when it comes to transportation. Not only is it the safest mode of transportation, but air freight has made it possible for eCommerce to have the shipments delivered to the customers in the most convenient and fastest way possible. 

The credit also goes to the growth in the online retail sales, which has just begun. This boom in online sales is expected to grow tremendously because of the Black Friday and other holidays approaching. 

Replenish Your Inventory

The low inventory-to-sales ratio is clearly another biggest factor that increases the demand for air freight services. Most shippers are often waiting for the prices to drop so that they can replenish their inventories. Sadly, this drop in the prices never came. That led to the Americans saving over $3 trillion alone in the United States. The professionals in the air freight markets strongly believe that the inventory-to-sales ratio is going to drop further in the coming months, which will eventually result in a high demand for the air freight.

The stats above show clearly the rising demand for air cargo around the world. It isn’t only because of the growth in the eCommerce market, but several factors play a crucial role in driving the air freight demand. In the ocean and air freight industries, there are low and peak seasons reported every year. It’s almost the first time that the demand for air freight has seen a peak for over 18 months and it still continues. Owing to this rise in the air freight’s demand, it is safe to say that eCommerce stores and retailers must partner with a credible air freight company for all their international shipment requirements.

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