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Whatever your industry, we are your global freight forwarder


Maintaining margins, achieving best value in manufacturing, and keeping aircraft airborne is more difficult than ever in an increasingly competitive, complex, and regulated global aerospace market.


Experience with supply chain management and managing inbound supplier collections and cage, or stillage returns while synergising & streamlining transport collections



Retailers are currently in an unenviable position. The public expects more options and higher quality, and what is fashionable changes on a daily basis.

Food & Drinks (FMCG)

Food supply chains are expected to be more connected, responsive, and agile as consumers jump from one trend to the next


From providing an established treatment to developing a breakthrough cure, the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries are constantly.


The technology industry is undergoing unprecedented and rapid transformation. When one new product is introduced, another is usually poised to take its place.



We are able to successfully handle these because we have the knowledge and special licenses that allow us to ship hazardous or non-hazardous materials from this industry.


Publishing & Events

We are an experienced logistics partner that can support your ambition and help you bring your event plans to life.


Oil & Gas

VSL provides air, ocean, and road transportation services for oil and gas shipments, allowing our customers to maximise the efficiency of their supply chains and boost competitiveness.



we ensure that products in this industry are transported correctly from manufacturing to retail in a way that satisfies shipping safety requirements.


Wine & Spirits

We provide specialised transportation to a diverse group of customers in the wine and spirits industry.



Excelling at transportation to retailers is a component that all cosmetic manufacturers can master to reduce costs and increase operational efficiency.