Currency Abbreviations

Discover the most commonly exchanged currencies and their abbreviations.

As an additional offering, we provide a comprehensive compilation of the world’s most widely utilized currencies in international trade, which can serve as a valuable resource for your transportation planning needs.




Australia Dollar AUD
Brazil Real BRL
Bulgaria Lev BGN
Canada Dollar CAD
China Yan Renmibi CNY
Croatia Kuna HRK
Cyprus Pound CYP
Czech Republic Kroner CZK
Denmark Kroner DKK
Estonia Kroon EEK
Euro zone Euro EUR
Hong Kong Dollar HKD
Hungary Forint HUF
Iceland Krónal ISK
Indonesia Rupiah IDR
Japan Yen JPY
Korea Won KRW
Latvia Lats LVL
Lithuania Litas LTL
Malaysia Dollar (Ringgit) MYR
Malta Lire MTL
New Zealand Dollar NZD
Norway Kroner NOK
Philippines Peso PHP
Poland Zloty PLN
Romania Leu RON
Russia Rubles RUB
Singapore Dollar SGD
Slovakia Kroner SKK
Slovenia Tolar SIT
South Africa Rand ZAR
Sweden Kroner SEK
Switzerland Franc CHF
Thailand Baht THB
Turkey Lire TRY
United Kingdom Pound GBP
USA Dollar USD