Will the Problems in Freight Services Affect Your Christmas Shopping?

Don't cancel Christmas just yet, say freight forwarders

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Rumors had it that this year’s Christmas festivities might not take place due to the growing concerns around the COVID and the disturbances in the supply chain. Amidst all this, the freight forwarders are committed to offering safe and fast delivery services despite all the rumors and problems in supply chain management.

There is a fear going around that many products will be absent from the shelves, thus causing a great deal of stress in people planning Christmas shopping weeks ahead of the occasion. However, Robert Keen – the Director General of BIFA clearly stated that while people are afraid, they won’t find their Christmas shopping items in the supermarket, these festive products will already arrive at the retail stores by the time people start shopping for Christmas.

Delay in Cargo Shipping – Still a Problem?

If we are expecting the normal shopping patterns, we need to understand that the goods people need during this time will also be available. It is important to take a look at the stats for cargo shipping to get a better idea of the cargo that has been shipped in the past vs the shipment in August 2021. We have seen that more cargo has shipped around the world in 2021 as compared to the previous years.

There is no doubt that some form of operation challenges are expected and they might occur, but the workers at freight forwarding companies are doing their part in making the shipment procedure as smooth and flexible as possible. The goal is to make this holiday season comfortable and normal for everyone. Just like how people celebrated Christmas before, the aim is to make cargo shipping so flawless and smooth that people are able to enjoy this year’s festivities with the same level of joy and comfort.

Authorities believe that the current issues in the operation management and delays in cargo shipping will act as the opportunity for people to understand the vulnerability of the current freight system. At the same time, it shows us how advanced modern freight forwarding services are and their role in having your goods transported to just about any location in the world with ease. It also shows people the reasons why it is called a supply chain and what happens when this chain breaks.

Difficulty in Operation Management in Freight Forwarding

Take the Suez Canal, for example. It was closed for only one week due to the container ships being grounded and the effect was on the entire supply chain across the world. The current issues in the operational management of the freight forwarding services further emphasize the importance of having a solid and modern freight forwarding service. It tells us the importance of the logistics sector and the role they play in maintaining stability in the transportation industry.

Customers need to understand the process and appreciate people involved in this industry since these workers are clearly going through a lot to keep the system running as smoothly as possible. The British International Freight Association clarified that one of the major issues retailers have been experiencing is the problems in moving those heavy boxes from the ports to the final destinations.

Hopefully, things will be normal by Christmas, as the congestion reduces and the containers are shipped to the desired places without any hassle and delays. All in all, the freight forwarders believe that everything will be back to normal and people can shop for goods just like they did before the pandemic. There is not going to be any problem with the transportation of the goods once the congestion has been lifted and containers are delivered in a timely manner.

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