Introducing Different Types of VSL Freight Services

Introduction to Freight Shipping

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Sending and receiving goods becomes more important for several industries. Regardless of kinds of freight, you need to send or receive, the best logistics is necessary to ensure safety and timely delivery. Supreme freight service will include international shipping, end-to-end visibility to track the shipment, and flexibility with the delivery time.

With a decade of experience in the field, VSL Logistics is an established and leading logistic service provider based in the UK. We work based on our client requirements and we are also more cautious about the expectations on the shipment and delivery of goods. Being a leader in the industry, we are ready to offer same day, next day, air, road, sea freight for several countries across the globe.

Our services

We offer freight services through all possible modes of transports like road, air, rail, and sea.

Road freight services:

We assure high-quality freight forwarder and logistics service within the UK, Europe, or From UK to Europe and vice versa. We are the dynamic service providers and expertise with full and part loads.  We also have a group page, dedicated express, and customs clearance services. We assure cost-efficient, safe and timely service.

Sea freight services:

Sea has been one of the economical means of transport for years. We offer international freight service through the sea as we are associated with 300 network partners across 130 countries worldwide. Our service also includes diverse cargoes, which will allow the containers to fully utilize in a cost-efficient and timely manner.

Air freight services:

For any needs of urgent and express freight delivery, air freight service from VSL Logistics would be the right solution. It might be any products like pallets, boxes, documents, heavy machinery, vehicles, large packages, containers, regular requirements, etc. We will take further responsibility to deliver it to the destination. As we have a strong relationship with several major carriers for years, we can assure the safe and timely delivery of things through the air medium.

Rail freight services:

When you need fast transferring of products with fewer expenses when compared to the air medium, rail freight services would be the right option. We are experts in importing the goods to the UK and several other destinations overseas. So, we assure you we will work on taking your goods to the destination at the right time and cost-efficient service.

Why should you opt for VSL logistics for freight services?

  • We have been in the field for a decade and we are more appropriate with the well-established supply chain management
  • We have a huge network which will work for the quality service
  • We know the importance of time and so we deliver the goods at the appropriate time
  • We offer insurance and it assures guarantee of delivery of goods for one step ahead

Visit us now to book for the freight services!

Have you gone through the most effective ways to communicate your good all over the world? With the development of technology, it is not now harder to send and receive your things from people in any part of the globe. Just feel free to contact us through mail or call and let us discuss more on the logistics needs. Let us work together and let your things reach the destination safely

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