A Step by Step Guide on Packing Fragile Items for International Shipping

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Shipping and moving delicate fragile items can be nerve-wracking, especially when you don’t have proper knowledge of packing them accurately. Most of the time our fragile items get broken or damaged during shipment, and the only reason for that is inefficient packing. To avoid your fragile items from getting damaged during transit you need to implement proper packing techniques. Being in this field for more than a decade, today we are here to share some valuable tips for packing fragile items for safe and secure delivery. 

Pro Tips that can keep your fragile items safe during your next move!

Step 1: Strong Packaging Material

The first and foremost step is to collect strong packaging material for safe transit of your items. Strong packaging material includes high-quality corrugated cardboard box, packing tapes, Bubble wrap, brown packing paper, foam sheet, etc. 

Step 2: Select the right-sized box

To keep the items safe during the transit and journey to the desired destination, make sure to select the right box in respect to thickness and size. Select the box such that you have enough space to provide proper cushioning to the item placed in the box. It is divisible to use a high-quality double-walled corrugated cardboard box, as it provides good outer safety.

Step 3: Individual Wrapping

This is one of the most important steps for Keeping your fragile items protected. Wrap each item with a protective material such as bubble wrap, polythene foam or other insulating material. It is advisable to double wrap the delicate parts of your items. Also, make sure to stuff hollow items like bowls, jars, glasses, vases, etc with packing paper to prevent any damage.

Step 4: Place wrapped items perfectly into the box

First, tape the bottom of the box, to provide extra strength to the box. Once done, place all the wrapped items into the box in the right way. Some items need to be placed upright in the box while some need to be laid down in the box. Fill out the empty spaces with cushioning material all the way around to stop your item from moving around in the box. Make sure multiple items within a box should not be directly touching each other.

Step 5: Sealing the parcel

Seal the box completely from all sides especially along the edges, top, and bottom with box-sealing tape, packing tape or self-adhesive tapes. 

Step 6: Fragile Items

Once securely packed make sure to label the parcel with “Fragile Handle with Care” tag as it reduces the risk of damage. Also, make sure to communicate with the carrier company that boxes contain fragile items and require extra care.

Step 7: Clear addressing

Lastly, the accurate address is of utmost importance. Mention recipient’s name, address, postal code, contact no. very clearly on the parcel. Also, make sure to mention the sender’s detail on the outside as well as inside of the parcel.

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Infographic of A Step by Step Guide on Packing Fragile items for Safe Delivery

how to pack fragile items infographic

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